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Learn how to simply help yourself (not only during pandemic).

Selfrelease/automassage could be your ritual, how to start or end up the day with ease and release. You need 10-15 minuts, therapy or tennis ball and your body . Release could be done, seated, standing, supine-it is up to you.

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What readers say about the E-book ?

  • All you need is rubber/therapy or tennis ball.
  • You can start standing, leaning against the wall or lying on the floor/carpet/mat.
  • Do you wanna give a try? Just 10-15 min for your body
We started with rubber ball of our dog, we progressed to tennis ball and at the end bought therapy ball. I become a bit addicted to the afterwards feeling of "jelly been". Hubby`s favorite spot is the foot and mine is bootie- the after feel is like you flushed all the tension and stress away. Give it a try-we recommend it to our friends and family.
Karolínamaternity leave
I’m IT guy who sits long hours behind the computer screens without proper movement. My main sports activity was gym. Stretching and corrective exercise was waste of time for me until my back and neck started to ache. My college recommended me a massage ball and rolled against the wall. It wasn't pleasant or easy from the beginning, but it worked! I got 1 ball for work and 1 for home, so it`s convenient to work&roll. I followed the video and you can see on the pics the spots, where to place the ball. To my surprise easy and effective. Can only recommend
PetrIT guy
Beautifull book with detailed description and pictures, plus video how to release 6 most common Trigger points/stiff muscle nods. Our body is the only thing what we own, and it`s up tp us to treat it with love. After trying all exercises I felt relaxed and selflove floating thru my whole body. What i like most is that you need just a ballu and few minutes of our precious time. Can only advice-don't just read the book, try it for couple for of days! Elle you are amazing! Thank you for creating practical manual how to dissolve the pain for FREE.
How catchy topic! You can't find anything better for modern fast times where we`re burried with stress, worries which leads to tight muscles! I like everything in this E/book- the most 2 tennis balls in a sock, followed by golf ball for those with courage. It`s an easy manual how to find relieve for most sensitive and most painfull nods in the muscles. After reading the book, or watching the video you can't fail. It can hurt like hell, but the relieve afterwards is heavenly. Thank you Elle for superb manual!.
Kamilaphysiotherapist, lecturer