Elle mi podala pomocnou ruku v době, kdy jsem se svému tělu začala věnovat po extrémně dlouhé době hibernace. Shodila jsem 35 kilo extrémní nadváhy a byla nucena řešit zpevňování. Elle na mě šla velmi jemně, pracovaly jsme přes zoom, což překvapivě dobře fungovalo. Udělala jemnou diagnostiku toho, jak na tom jsem s pohybovým aparátem. I přes video viděla, jestli mám břišní svaly zapojené, nebo se flákám. A taky jestli palec držím rovnoběžně se zbytkem dlaně, nebo ho mám z věčného klikání myší vpáčený. Zkrátka mohla mě pěkně užitečně korigovat. Elle je extrémně nadupaná lektorka. Kombinuje obrovské množství přístupu a o těle přemýšlí v souvislostech. Nachystala mi velmi jemné cviky do začátku, což pomohlo tomu, abych se nevyděsila a nezablokovala. Nesmírně si vážím toho, jak na sobě maká a zapracovává nové trendy práce s tělem do svého portfolia. Všechny cviky mi podrobně vysvětlila, opravovala mě důsledně v jejich provedení a po každé lekci mi nahrála video, kde vše ještě jednou vysvětlila, abych podle toho mohla cvičit. Po několika týdnech jsme se spojily a obměnily sestavu. Přijemná, profesionální a rozhodně na tepu doby, co se týče holistickému přístupu k tělu. Můžu jen doporučit.
Beata (CZ)culture and talent managment
Jsem rekreacni ale naruzivy bezec a predtim, nez jsem zacal pracovat s Elle, jsem tedy mel velmi jednostranny sportovni pohyb a diky tomu spatne drzeni tela a caste bolesti zad. Ani moje bezecka technika nebyla idealni. Elle mi pomohla s tim, ze jsem se naucil, jak spravne protahnout telo, jak vnimat ruzne casti nohy pri behu a vylepsit techniku aby kladla mensi zatez na bederni pater apod. Hlavne mi pomohla 'aktivizovat' telo, vylepsit drzeni tela a posilit brisni svaly. Naucil jsem se i vice vnimat sve telo a diky posilovani jsem se i citil mnohem lepe. Pred spolupraci s Elle mi bolesti zad mi skoro zabranili v behani, ale diky lepsimu drzeni tela a technice jsem se mohl k intenzivnejsimu behani zase vratit. Lenka je skvela take tim, ze nastavi plan kazdemu podle jeho skutecne situace a potreb. Jak ted pisu tenhle prispevek, tak jsem se mimodek naprimil na zidli, jak me to ucila 🙂
Petr (UAE)Head of Digital Business and Global Head of Marketing
I’m IT guy who sits long hours behind the computer screens without proper movement. My main sports activity was gym. Before I met & started to train with Elle I was suffering from strong repetitive headaches and from time to time sharp shooting pain in my leg. Elle started to work with me on the compensation for my sedentary lifestyle, muscle dysbalances, and over all posture. It was quite a work because I was unable to feel my own body, but Elle patiently and passionately explain me every single exercise how the body mechanics works what we try to achieve by it. She kept checking and correcting my posture, which to my surprise my family noticed. Every session was different, funny and I was looking forward for every lesson. As a huge benefit of all this is that Elle didn’t only help me to get rid of my headaches but also helped me to feel of my own body, understand how it works and therefore provide me good base to all other exercises I’m doing today
Petr (CZ)Senior Technical Product Manager at MFA
I started Pilates reformer classes about 2 years ago. After years of yo-yo dieting and trying many different exercises and booked myself for plastic surgery(liposuction and abs reconstruction)I found an exercise method that I enjoyed and benefited from immensely. I tried the private reformer classes initially with a great Elle Fernandez, she was very patient and precise in her instruction. It is rare to find an instructor who can explain form and movement while instructing. Soon I became addicted to the reformer. I started with 2 classes a week and gradually increased to 3, then 4 and sometimes 5 classes. I noticed my body change and I felt great! Even though Elle didn't manage to talk me away from surgery, thanks to her session my recovery been extremely fast a without problems(even my surgeon complimented my core). I highly recommend Pilates reformer to anyone.
Nadia A.H. (UAE)Traffic control
Best pilates teacher ever! Elle is a professional, kind and she always make the class colorful and fun. She truly cares about you and even at the group sessions you will receive a personal approach. With her dedication and support I finally have learned to do core exercises, strengthened my back and increased my flexibility without any pain afterwards as she is also a truly great Strech Master! I would highly recommend Elle as a committed, warm and well skilled pilates teacher to everyone, to beginners to experienced pilates practitioners, and I am sure you enjoy every minute of her classe!
Jazz (Italy/ UAE)housewife
Je suis venue la première fois aux Six Senses Laamu en début d’année avec ma maman. Nous sommes tombées amoureuse de l’endroit et surtout de Madame ELLE Fernandes. ELLE nous a donné beaucoup de professionnalisme et donné à nouveau le gout au Sport. Elle est fantastique et tellement professionnelle. Elle connait son métier du bout des doigts et c’est pour cela que je suis revenue au mois d’octobre. Et là j’ai appris en plus le fliying yoga, magnifique. Je suis d’ailleurs sur le point de revenir en Janvier pour faire une semaine de Sport avec Elle. Je vous remercie pour tout, cet Hôtel est merveilleux.
Valerie (Swiss)Restaurant, Galery owner
I was impressed during the first few minutes of a group reformer class with Elle, and was instantly hooked to her style. Sometimes you go to classes where you appreciate the technique or trainer, but know they just aren’t right for you, that’s where Elle sets out against the rest. Elle’s classes are varied, one is never the same as the other she has a vast knowledge of exercises and will tailor each class to suite all levels of experience. The pace is always perfectly suited to the group, or individual. Elle’s yoga is total zen, after a class you feel like you are walking on clouds. By far my favourite class/style that Elle teaches is barre, its energetic and burns, it really burns, but it’s a good burn. Elle travels the world sharing her light and practice with those lucky enough to attend her class, she delivers great results and the best part is the laughter and great times along the way. Elle has solid athletic background, a sports and science master’s degree both matched with a passion for challenging and bringing out the best results in her clients, makes her one of the best instructors I’ve been lucky enough to work with.
Becky (Aussie-UAE)Cluster Manager Siemens

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Nous sommes tombées amoureuse de l’endroit et surtout de Madame ELLE Fernandes. ELLE nous a donné beaucoup de professionnalisme et donné à nouveau le gout au Sport. Elle est fantastique et tellement professionnelle. Elle connait son métier du bout des doigts et c’est pour cela que je suis revenue au mois d’octobre. Et là j’ai appris en plus le fliying yoga, magnifique. Je suis d’ailleurs sur le point de revenir en Janvier pour faire une semaine de Sport avec Elle. Je vous remercie pour tout, cet Hôtel est merveilleux.
Caroline (Swiss)lawyer
I did really love her early morning private yoga classes{6 a.m.!} as she really did an incredible job. Only 6 days of lessons helped me to find the way to feel good & in peace. Thank you for giving me the energy to move forward, to look after myself more and to accept how I am. Her presence and teaching were a real treat for me not only physically but mentally too. She is really a beautiful person I will never forget. I truly thank to Elle ! Once I read “There is nothing more beautiful that someone who goes out their way to make life beautiful for others …” and that’s exactly what I felt from Elle.
Cora & Yoshi MATSUMURA (Japan)bussiness owners
(First I wanna apologies for my English...sorry:) My name is caroline and i was on six senses at laamu for about two weeks ago. Myself, my sister sofie and our mom was on your yoga sessions. I dont know if you remember, and i understand because u meet so much new guest all the time:) but u helped me to My really first headstand:) First I wanna thank u so much for the yoga lesson that u had, you are a very inspired person and u brought so much happiness to the class! And when mom was upset you said some good words that really helped her trough that day. Thank You! Now... To the question I have. I talked to my yogis friends about you and the yoga sessions u had and we are wondering if you have any yoga retreats? Not in Maldives, mabey some where els in the world? Just wanna pop the idea to you, because we are some girls that would love to do this together. Best regards
Caroline (France)student
"Having a job that requires perfect posture to prevent injuries as well as having a fast paced lifestyle (being out of town and at plane on a regular basis), it was important for me to find a way to improve my posture and at the same time, if I could get some relaxation from it, even better. I thought a few times about yoga, but with my schedule it was hard to commit to a class. Personal yoga classes during our vacation were the perfect solution. Although I train at the gym regularly{have trainer at home}, yoga brought a feeling of balance to my exercise routine. My instructor Elle was super nice, easy going and one of the most genuine person I have ever met. She has been great at showing me the ropes and at customizing our sessions to fit my specific needs. At the end of each session, I felt like I worked hard without actually noticing it. My teacher also taught me techniques to deal with insomnia problems that I use on a regular basis even when I am out of town in a hotel room, to relax and refocus. Having this as a part of my routine has been a truly positive experience. Thanks Elle- see you at Marina"
Daniel (USA/ UAE)lawyer, consultant
Eli’s background as a sports teacher combined with an intimate knowledge of breathing difficulties gave her a practical advantage over any other therapists I have seen. I have severe asthma and was worried I could not manage exercises but as the doctor recommended that I improve my chest muscles I started first sessions with Eli-what a place to start at Six Senses Laamu! Not only does she pitch the exercises just right for me, they seem so effortless that you don't realize what an effect they are having. Ellie could identify the muscles I was (and wasn't) using and she talked me through the benefits of each new exercise. Her calm tone and eternal patience made the sessions a real pleasure. Fresh morning breeze and view of the ocean will stay in my memories for long! My blessing will be with you Ellie
Sarah G.(Australia)shop owner
Elle is an amazing woman who understands how the body works. She is compassionate and highly trained and educated. I went to see her because I needed help with my bad posture. Also my jaw, neck and shoulders were tense. After 2 private sessions at One&Only Maldives with Elle, I could move my neck freely in all directions and I felt relaxed and “at home” in my body. I sleep better, I breath deeper and I feel more overall more whole. I had normal bowel movements ever since and I feel only bloated when I ate too fast or too late in the evening.
Elena (Russia)accountant