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Vibroacoustic diagnostic, therapy, massage

Medicine of the future.The sound travels in sound waves and enters into the body, releasing energy blockages and mental tension, provides deep rest and reboot, calming the mind and stabilising brain waves. The treatment starts with diagnostic of the chakras, followed by vibro-accoustic cell massage and relaxation. If you want to rise your vibration, heal trauma,, relieve stress, improve mental clarity- you might need this.

Roll 2 Release/ SMFR (self myofascia release)

A combination of MFR (myofascial release) and trigger point release. Using foam rollers, TPT ball rolling techniques, targeted stretching and manual manipulation to achieve the deepest, most soothing areas or muscles. Last trend to help opening of the body.

Mobility and Stability

Yin, Restorative Yoga

A wonderful combination of the calmness and stillness needed of your Body& Mind. Find stillness and increase your awareness. Learn how to hold poses for extended periods of time in this supported class. Great for decreasing stress and improving joint health.


Pilates( Reformer, aparatus, post/prenatal, Barre, Yoga, Hormonal Yoga Therapy, Funkční fitness, Pre/Post rehab, Aerial Fitness, TRX, DNS, SM systém, BOSU and balance, MFR, Ergonomics, Breath techniques, Outdoor Fitness, Inline, Aquafitness, Mobility & stability, movement patterns-stance, sit, gait, sleep patterns, Vibroacoustic diagnostic, -massage, massages, (Thalasso, Watsu, Reiki.) therapies..

- personalised/ taylor made session

based on clients requests 

-20-75 minutes

- 1:1 personalised or online

- private group of max.3 prs

- explanation, guidence, correction,

finding suitable approach, style 

  • i like to begin with postural analysis and functional tests to have a basic overview
  • focusing on individual/ specific needs of a client, current goals , short and long time goals
  • trying to set up suitable and achievable program based on clients feedback
  • design of specific exercise, program, which is adaptive based on clients needs
  • evaluation after 4- 5 weeks, adjustments, changes

Move because you LOVE your body, not hate it.  Functional body isn't about number on scale or clothing size, more about self love, balance and health. 


The Pilates Method strengthen and recruit the deep stabilising muscles of the spine, pelvis and shoulder girdle, and strengthening the abdominals(known as "Powerhouse"), hips, and gluts as well as stretching the entire body.This is achieved by uniting body & mind. Pilates sessions might be focused on specific goal-sports performance, or address health issue, or improve posture and achieve awareness of body alignment, it’s also great for recovery or can help with low-back injuries


Video courses/ workshops:

 Feel your Feet

Brazilian Body

Walking Tall

                                        Look better naked

                                             Roll 2 Release

FEEL YOUR FEET workshop- Thank you. it was a lovely morning - I learned a lot of new things about my feet, footwear, . It`s amazing how many things depends on right position of our feet, how the injuries change our posture, gait…So much to learn!
Alexandra Goddard{Germany}nutritionist

- choose and mix match your favorite classes-you can choose from Barre, Yoga, Pilates, Sculpt, TRX, MFR(Myofascia Release), relax &release, rehab, mobility, stabilty

5 weeks online courses:

Walking Tall

Art of Breathing

                Roll 2 Release

          Life starts at 4o-ties

             Head in the clouds

20-55 minut lessons live 2-3x a week, focus on TP { Triggerpoints}, fascia release all over the body {each week differnt part} followed by activation of those muscles for optimal function. Deep core muscles activation, breathing patterns, functional and movement patterns.

Using primarily MFR as the treatment, Elle has been a blessing to my health, both physically and mentally. If you want something that works, and someone who can achieve that for you, ask for Elle! My first session with Elle was incredible. And I don't say that lightly. I've had regularly weekly training and bodywork for the past 25+ years and have experienced everything from possible, all of which are great, but I'd never experienced such dramatic results as I did with Elle approach with MFR. Such a small rubber ball and can do so much work-incredible. I love Pilates – this combo is the magic formula. I had been hit with a case of severe vertigo from a flight and had been dealing with it for several days when I had my first session with Elle. Immediately after rising from the session I was shocked to find that the vertigo was entirely gone! In addition, release done on my hip and tush, which had two trauma issues going back forty years, allowed an opening and letting go that I'd never had before.


1-7 days at Portugal, Cyprus, UAE,

India and Czech Republic


I've experienced many gifted trainers, body workers over all these years from far and wide but Elle's knowledge, energy, demeanor and insightful intuition combined with her anatomy, physiology a MFR expertise is a combination that, for me at least, was a profound renewal and resulted in lasting relief. Best was teaching me 15min mobility & stability sequences I'm doing after most of my frequent flights. Can’t say the first few sessions been pleasant, but the feeling afterwards! You can't go wrong by giving her a chance to help you.
K.C. (India)CEO

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